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Aussie Photos

The community for Aussie's and their photos

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All Members , Moderated
This community is for Aussie’s who love photography, either with a normal or digital camera and want to show off and/or get comments on their work. People who just like viewing photography are also welcome to join and make comments.

A few simple rules -

- When you make your first post it would be a good idea just to introduce yourself. For example, where abouts you live, how old you are, how long you’ve been into photography.

- If you post more than one image put the others under a cut.

- Photos must be of a reasonable size, if not resize them.

- You are allowed to ask photography related questions.

- Photos can be edited in photoshop.

- If photo was not taken by yourself, credit who it was taken by.

- If you’re making a comment, keep it nice or constructive.

- Posts promoting a community are permitted, as long as they are promoting a community that is photography related.

This is not an elitist community. Whatever your level of experience is feel free to join and show of your work.

This community was created and is maintained by _thisisme